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Jeb's Repeal & Replace Healthcare Plan

October 13, 2015

Sergio Bustos of RealClearPolitics reports, "Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush is proposing to repeal and replace President Barack Obama's health care law with one that would increase tax credits for individuals, allowing them to buy coverage protection against 'high-cost medical events.' " "The Bush campaign says the former Florida governor's plan, in broad terms, would accomplish three goals: promote innovation, lower costs and return power to states." "In a statement, the Bush campaign slammed Obama's health care law, saying it 'epitomizes why Americans are fed up with Washington.' " " 'Jeb believes we must repeal Obamacare and offer a conservative vision and plan of health care for the future,' said Allie Brandenburger, a Bush spokesperson." GET JEB GEAR

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Jeb and His Brother's Legacy

October 06, 2015

Rebecca Berg of RealClearPolitics reports, "As Bush seeks to convince Republican primary voters that he is sufficiently conservative, his brother has become his favorite measuring stick — serving the dual purpose of shoring up Jeb Bush’s conservative credentials while creating space between him and his family name." "The strategy is no accident, and Bush’s campaign acknowledges the shift in the former Florida governor’s tone." “ 'Jeb has laid out plans for dismantling D.C., reforming the tax code and reforming regulations that go far beyond what was proposed in the 2000s,' said Tim Miller, a spokesman for Bush." GET JEB GEAR

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Jeb rides and sticks up for UBER in San Francisco

July 17, 2015

17 July, 2015 "The embattled ride-sharing company Uber found a defender in Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush, who called it a 'pretty vital service' that was 'disrupting the old order.' " "In an op-ed post on LinkedIn today, Bush countered that, 'Big government liberals fundamentally can't embrace digital innovation because it threatens the way they govern. They see car-sharing services as a threat to the local government taxi cab cartels. They see food trucks and Airbnb as a threat to urban planning and the tax and fee racket that they've imposed on brick and mortar restaurants and hotels.' " GET JEB GEAR

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POLL: Jeb holds lead in battleground Virginia

July 17, 2015

17 July, 2015 View the poll at GET JEB GEAR

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